Burgundy or Bordeaux?

If the colour is burgundy or burgundy is a constant debate when it comes to shoes and what shoe polish to use. This article will try to solve this issue and give you a guide on how to choose the right shoe polish for your shoes. To do that we must first look at how these colours are described and where the names came from. 

Crockett & Jone Belt in Burgundy

Burgundy and burgundy are both usually described as a red colour tending towards brown with purple undertones. Many debate that the two colours vary in hue and have different hues but they were both created to describe the same colour, the colour of wine, which is also how they got their names. 

The name “burgundy” originates from a French wine region with the same name, but that does not mean that the name was accepted by everyone. The French themselves used the name of another wine region in France, Bordeaux, to describe the colour. 

Crockett & Jones Pembroke Burgundy

Crockett & Jones Belt and Cavendish in Burgundy

So from the beginning burgundy and burgundy is just two names for the same colour used in different countries. Today different brands usually choose one or the other to name their products. This combined with the fact that the colours between different brands may look different has only contributed to the confusion surrounding the burgundy or burgundy debate. 

Crockett & Jones Cavendish Burgundy Pembroke Burgundy

Crockett & Jones have chosen to call their shoes in a purple-brown-reddish colour for burgundy. For this colour we have 4 different shoe polish colours from Sapphire Gold Medal to choose from. The right polish for you depends on the result you want after you have polished your shoe. 

Crockett & Jones Burgundy

If you want your shoe to keep the shade it has, you can use Saphir Médaille d'Or Crème 1925 no. 02, their neutral colour. It will only nourish the leather and create a beautiful shine as well as a protective surface. 

Saphir Medal d'Or Cream 1925 and Pâte de Lux

If you want to maintain the shoes original colour you can use Saphir Médaille d'Or Crème 1925 no. 08, burgundy. It gives you the same nourishing and protective effect as the neutral cream but also revitalizes the colour of the leather. 

Crockett & Jones Harvard Cordovan

If your shoes are made in cordovan leather you can use the Saphir Médaille d'Or Cordovan Shoe Polish no. 71 which is in a similar colour as Créme 1925 no. 08. The difference with this polish is that it is especially made for cordovan leather. It has a lower amount of beeswax and a higher amount of carnauba wax to provide extra protection and shine.

Sapphire medallion or cream 1925

If you want your shoes to go more towards red in colour you can use Sapphire Medal of Gold Cream 1925 no. 12 which has the colour named “hermes red”. If you want the colour to go more toward brown you can use the colour “mahogany” which is no. 09. 

Saphir Medal of Or Pâte de Lux and Mirror Gloss

These colours, except “hermes red”, are also available in Saphir Médaille d'Or Pâte de Lux. The difference between them is that Pâte de Lux gives more shine to the leather and less nourishment, while Créme 1925 nourishes the leather more and gives a more discreet shine. Pâte de Lux can also be used more often on your shoes than Créme 1925. Alternating the use of both products on your shoes would give them the best possible protection, nourishment and shine.  

If you only want a wax to give your shoe a good shine you can use the Mirror Gloss in no. 08, the burgundy colour, from Saphir Médaille d'Or. Works great to get a beautiful spitshine in combination with a bit of water. 

Hope you found this article helpful, and don't forget to check out the products here on our website or in store!


I think you need to proofread the article. Of course Burgundy and Burgundy are the same colour.

Andrew 2020 August 20

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