Choosing the Correct Shoelaces

Shoelaces is a small yet crucial detail for all lace up shoes. Therefore, it is important to choose the correct length and variant, ensuring a proper fit and elegant impression. In this guide, you'll experience the different parameters coming into place when choosing shoelaces, as well as read a short introduction of the different variants available. 

There are a wide range of shoelaces being produced, each having their own unique characteristics. From different weaving techniques to wax treatments, they each have shapes and traits that are suitable for different types of shoes. Overall, a shoelace consist of a nylon core with cotton exterior and an aglet at both ends. The nylon core creates a solid base that prevents the shoelaces from fragmenting during strain, whilst the cotton exterior ensures that no damage is done to the leather. 

The following exteriors on shoelaces are the most common

Crockett & Jones Original Shoelaces Waxed

Waxed: The cotton is treated with a layer of wax in order to prevent threads and fibers from becoming visible. This creates an elegant impression with a slight shine. Usage is restricted to lower lace up shoes, and recommended for more formal derbys and oxfords with a leather upper in calf. Available in the classic round shape with a thin appearance as well as a special flat version. Only available in 70cm. 

Crockett & Jones Original Shoelaces Unwaxed

unwaxedUnwaxed shoelaces are left untreated which creates a surface with rich texture. If the cotton is left in a raw condition, you will clearly notice the weaves natural texture. Usage is therefore recommended for suede shoes, as the suede leather has a similar surface. However, they are often also paired with a less formal derby, such as the Swansea in dark brown Calf. Because of it's versatility, it is available in all sizes from 60cm-130cm, enabling usage in everything from Chukkas to derby boots.

Crockett & Jones Original Shoelaces Braided

Braided: Braided shoelaces have a rougher impression because of it's prominent texture. The braiding is clearly visible and is most suitable for heavier boots and derbys. For example, this type of shoelace is paired well with the Pembroke in tan grain. Combining the grain leather and woven texture successfully creates a less formal look with sturdy impression. Available in 70cm, 110cm and 130cm. 

Crockett & Jones Original Shoelaces Silk

Silk: Crockett & Jones latest addition to the ladies collection is using silk shoelaces in boots and derbys. The silk lace had a broader, flat appearance with shiny surface. Available in 70cm and 110cm. 

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