UPDATE - Due to the pandemic Grafford store closed and declared bankruptcy may 2021

In the heart of Stockholm at Humlegårdsgatan, one of Hammargruppenits first partners is located. Starting from a relatively small scale with Stefan Jönsson, Grafford is today also managed by Richard Kuylenstierna and Oliver Dannefalk. During the last years Grafford has developed to become more than a shoe shop. Today it's a center for inspiration and fashion where events like trunk shows by Sartoria Cresent are continuously held.  

Grafford Store in Stockholm

The history behind Grafford goes back to 1975. Without any experience shoemaking, Stefan decided to buy a workshop at Brahegatan 3 in Stockholm. With help from the retired previous owner he started learning the craft by himself. One day Radisa Jovanovic walked into the store. He had a long experience of shoemaking and together with him Stefan ran the workshop for many years. Radisa was the one who first implemented the sense of quality that is now well established in Stefan's work: ”Imagine that every customer coming into this shop knows more about shoemaking than you do. No Cheating. Everything needs to be perfect".

Stefan Repairing a Pair of Shoes

Singer Sewing Machine Used in Grafford's Workshop

In 1979 Stefan bought another shop at Humlegårdsgatan in Stockholm, just across from where Grafford is currently located. During this time Stefan also started working with Hammargruppen, buying Crockett & Jones shoes which he started selling in his workshop. Gradually, the concept started being more of a shoe store with a shoe repair rather than the other way around. The combination is of importance though, says Stefan. “Being able to repair the shoes that you sell makes you trustworthy".

Inside Grafford Shoes Store

Crockett & Jones at Grafford Stockholm

Since the cooperation between Stefan and Hammargruppen started the faith in Crockett & Jones has increased for Stefan. According to him, the trips that Hammargruppen arranged to Northampton in England, where the Crockett & Jones shoes are individually crafted on lasts, really showed the dedication the workers have to making the best shoes possible. The shoes have been crafted since over 125 years and only by watching the people there work, shows that quality is the word that best describes the factory. 

Cavendish Tassel Loafer in Dark brown Calf

When asked about the number one shoe care recommendation Stefan says that sho trees and shoe polish are vital in order to keep your shoes in shape. And don't forget the shoe horn when you put the shoes on!

Oliver goes a little deeper and talks about the importance of consciousness about what you buy and what you have invested in. Knowing what kind of shoe you bought, how it is produced and how it has the potential of lasting a lifetime, makes it more likely you are going to take care of the shoe the way it should. That's the kind of service Oliver wants to provide for Grafford's customers. Making the customer choose a shoe that represents this particular person. The shoe is there to be used, bring you joy and fit your lifestyle.

Oliver Dannefalk, Visual Manager at Grafford

If Oliver has to pick one model as a first pair of Crockett & Jones, Connaught would be the one. It's simply because of the classic style; An Oxford with a cap toe than trumps any other shoes because of the number of occasions it fits with. 


Crockett & Jones Connaught


Even so, according to Oliver, Cavendish is the most comfortable and stylish model. Find all our Cavendish here


Crockett & Jones Cavendish in Polo Suede


Richard Kuylenstierna or Grafford Shoes

Richard's favorite shoe is Cavendish in Burgundy Cordovanwhich, according to him, is a very versatile shoe as well as interesting. "I wear my pair to a suit just as often as a pair of jeans and shirt," says Richard. 


Grafford Shoes Stockholm

Humlegårdsgatan 19

114 46 Stockholm 


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