Guide: Sapphire Medal D'or Leather Cleaner

The Leather Cleaner from Saphir Medal D'or is a unique cleaning product that can be used on calf leather. By stripping the leather from potential dirt and excess shoepolish without damaging the surface, this cleaner is very useful. Today, we are guiding you through a complete treatment using the Leather Cleaner, showing you how it is properly used, and the amazing results that can be achieved.

Time: 20 minutes

A pair of well worn Crockett & Jones Snowdon


The object we're cleaning is a well worn Crockett & Jones Snowdon boot, with many scratches and dirt stains. Initially, the shoe is brushed with a horsehair brush, which removes rough dirt from the surface. When the cleaning process starts, there will be no dirt or grime that can cause potential scratches.



Using the leather cleaner

Before use; shake the product well. A regular paper towel can be used to apply and gently clean the surface. Notice how dirt and excess shoepolish sticks to the paper towel. If the leather cleaner is gentle, you will not experience a dry surface after use. When you are satisfied with the result, use a cotton cloth to remove any remaining leather cleaner. 

Restoration using Sapphire Medal D'or products

After this treatment, it is important to apply Renovateur cream, in order to nourish and moisturize the leather. This prevents the leather from getting dry, and cleans it slightly from remaining substances.

The Boot after Cleaning, using only Sapphire Medal D'or Products

Additional treatment in this case uses Cream 1925, medium brown and the mirror gloss polish, both from Sapphire Medal D'or. By using a cream 1925 and mirror gloss, the shoes get a protective layer and an astonishing finish. As you can see, the shoe has significantly less dirt, and a prominent shine on the toe. 

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