Olles Skomakeri & Son

Olles Skomakeri & Son, the oldest shoemaker in Lund, was founded by Olle Nilsson in 1981. Olle's son, Bengt, started working for his father five years after the founding and today, Bengt alone runs the shop. The location has always been the same, which you can feel very clearly when walking into the store. The walls are adorned with shoes from the 19th century, old lasts, paintings and much more.

Bengt at Olles Skomakeri in Lund

Olles Shoemaking Inside

Bengt started working with Hammargruppen over 30 years ago and was one of the four shoemakers that about ten years later introduced Crockett & Jones to the Swedish market. For Bengt it is easy to motivate why he chose to sell shoes from Crockett & Jones. It's simply because they are the best. ”If I'm going to sell something it needs to be something I can stand up for and be proud of."

Crockett & Jones at Olles Skomakeri in Lund

Behind the desk you can see some of the machines Bengt is using to repair the shoes he receives from his customers, but the actual workshop is not visible unless you walk down a steep wooden stairs at the back of the shop. 

Bengts workshop at Olles Skomakeri Lund

Bengt Repairing and Pair of Shoes

Bengt is passionate about the craft and does everything from shoe repairs to saddle works. Even so he believes in simplicity - ”When you have worn your shoes put a pair of shoe trees in them and wipe them off”, An easy and effective tip that anyone can follow.

Bengt's must have Crocketts, are a pair of Connaughts in Chestnut. The model, in his opinion, is classic and expresses style yet remains casual. Chestnut is the best colour to start with since it doesn't determine the occasion; You can wear it to a wedding as well as to a party or for work. 

Crockett & Jones Connaught



Olles Skomakeri & Son

Southern Esplanade 11

223 54 Lund


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