Rose & Born

Rose & Born is an exclusive menswear store located in the heart of Stockholm who offer a wide range of OTR items as well as an MTM concept. Since 2000, Rose & Born has cooperated with Hammargruppen in the process of offering Crockett & Jones, Pantherella and Saphir products. Today, we're paying our good friends a visit as a part of our "Our Community" project. 

A part of Rose & Born's collection

This store was founded in 1989, and has years of experience regarding style and quality. We met up with Edwin, partner and visual merchandiser at Rose & Born with an extra refined sense of style. As we headed towards the made to measure and fitting room, Edwin explained the store's passion for great quality. “We want the customer to experience a complete collection of menswear products that reflects our concept. Therefore, we chose to initiate the cooperation with Hammargruppen and sell Crockett & Jones shoes ”. Edwin proceeds by describing the pleasure experienced for both customer and himself when introducing someone to quality shoes.  

The Rose & Born fitting and made to measure room

As Rose & Borns vision is to sell high quality items with a their elegant sense of style, Crockett & Jones was a natural choice. Since then, many made to order shoes has been produced exclusively for Rose & Born. “Our goal is to introduce new variations, that have never been seen before through our made to orders. Each MTO is a unique and eyecatching model that provides personalization to your style ”. 

Edwin from Rose & Born

Furthermore, Edwin has a unique yet elegant sense of style, and begins to elaborate on how footwear is incorporated. “Shoes are a highly stylish component that will take your overall appearance to a whole other level. However, it is important to choose your combination carefully, and make sure details such as trouser length are in place ”. 

Crockett & Jones Lowndes

When it comes to personal favorites, Edwin has a very specific taste. "My favorite is the Lowndes double monkstrap, a shoe that I almost own in all colour variants. However, lately my taste has directed itself towards the Cavendish tassel loafer as it complements my overall style very well "Edwin describes. 

Crockett & Jones Cavendish Suede

In store, you will not only find a complete collection of carefully selected items from Italian and British manufacturers, but also a service minded staff to assist you. 


Rose & Born 

Grevgatan 2

114 53 Stockholm

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