Saphir Medaille D'or D'or

Creme Pommadier 1925 75ml, Sapphire gold medal

152 DKK

Shoe cream, leather care, Sapphire Medaille d'Or


Saphir Medaille d'Or Shoe Cream Crème Pommadier 1925 is a signature product from Saphir made from natural ingredients to moisturize the leather gently as well as create a protecting surface.  Manufactured among other things by shea butter, beeswax and carnauba wax which treats without drying out. Absorbs very quickly and creates a beautiful surface with a light sheen.


Use small amounts of the cream and apply them to the leather using either cloth or applying brush to reach difficult-to-reach areas. Work with the cloth in circular motions focusing on one smaller area at a time. After the item has been polished, allow to dry for about 10 minutes and then work in the cream using either a cloth, buffing pad or bristle brush.

To achieve additional gloss on the leather surface, the leather can then be treated with Pate de Luxe.

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