Saphir Medaille D'or D'or

Foam Cleaner, 200 ml, Sapphire gold medal

192 DKK

Cleaning, sneakers, mousse, leather, textile, Sapphire medaille d'or


Mousse cleaning for sneakers in leather or textile material. 
The foam cleans deeply, removes stains even on silicone surfaces.

The use does not negatively affect the surface of the material, such as becoming drier or fatter, restores the shoe to its original gloss while retaining its original colour.
Size: 200 ml



1. Clean the surface by brushing off dirt and dust
2. Shake the bottle
3. Apply the mousse to the entire shoe
Let work for 4 min
5. Brush the shoes again to remove the dissolved dirt
6. Clean the brush
7. Repeat the procedure if necessary
Let dry for 8 hours


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