Guayabera, linen shirt, white, kanaljen

880 DKK

linen shirt, short sleeve, white, kanaljen

White Guayabera with short sleeve and lying "Lido" collar in 100% Belgian linen.

This shirt has slightly smaller details than the original, a sweaty variant which is, however, a real Guayabera with its banded hem at the bottom, its four front pockets and folds that run diagonally front and back. This is a perfect summer garment when you always need a little extra pockets, and if you are too fond of hand-rolled smokers it will be
dot across the i to insert a couple of pieces into the upper breast pockets.

It is a very cool and comfortable shirt that you always wear as outside garments and if you happen to be in the Caribbean, you can count on happy calls about how good you are in your real Guayabera, great pleasure!

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