Enjoy - The Marmites, Gastronomy & The Meal

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To all life enjoyers - The gastronomic association Marmiterna Helsingkrona

With the gastronomic association Marmiterna in Helsingkrona's almost 50-year activities as a starting point, this book was created. 
With a focus on gastronomy. The ingredients, the preparations, the cooking and the presentation. And at the meal, the important landing site with all its social and experiential aspects. Own members, interesting guest writers and great food profiles tell in essay form. 
A book about ENJOYING in the kitchen and at the table.

It's not a cookbook. It is a sensual and rich book about really good food and inspiring cooking. Created especially for you who love good food and a long nice experience at the dinner table. In the best of company. It is not a textbook, but it is probably still a book with a lot of learning.

"A beautiful view of the community in a 50-year-old gastronomic association. Inspirational reading about cooking and the knowledge that comes from working in a kitchen together and sharing shared dining experiences. Happy is the one who has a Marmit member who prepares a dinner party you can go to. on"
- Richard Tellström, meal researcher, associate professor of meal knowledge at Stockholm University.

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