Bowhill & Elliott - 1874

Bowhill & Elliott has been producing shoes since 1874, and has worked with us since 1991/1992. The factory is located in Norwich, UK and focuses on producing slippers. All shoes are made by hand, and often have eccentric embroidery on the top. 

Bowhill & Elliott started with Obadiah Bowhill in 1874, when he bought the company from Wright & Co. He later handed it over to his son and son-in-law, Thomas Baines Elliott. This was the beginning of the family business which today is led by Roger Jury, a descendant of Mr Elliott. 

Since being founded, Bowhill & Elliott has been manufacturing high-quality handmade slippers and shoes. They specialize in producing hand embroidered velvet shoes as well as using different types of fabric to make both casual and formal shoes. In addition to their won production, they also sell a wider variety of other footwear brands such as Crockett & Jones.

Crockett & Jones - 1879

Since 1991 we have been on Hammargruppen has been a wholesaler for and worked closely with the English shoe manufacturer Crockett & Jones. Crockett & Jones has been producing exclusive, striped shoes for over 140 years, and is today one of the most reputable, British factories today. 

Crockett & Jones was founded in Northhampton by Charles Jones and James Crockett. Together, they decided to establish a high quality shoe production as they both had experience regarding shoemaking. The leather was cut out in their factory, but the shoes were often brought home by the employees to be finished before delivery to the customer. Today, the company is run by the Jones's family's fourth generation, Jonathan Jones. The company is one of the most reputable, contemporary British shoe manufacturers with an international export.  


Sapphire gold medal - 1920

Saphir, which is owned by Breeding, is leather and footwear with its roots in France. Because of their unique recipe for paté de lux, they received a gold medal at the World Fair in Paris during 1925. We have since partnered with Saphir medaille d'or, 2011, and are also convinced that Saphir has among the best leather care products on the market. 

Saphir started in 1920 when they first developed their unique formula for shoe creams in Faverges, Haute-Savoie. Thanks to their collaboration with the best leather craftsmen, they were able to produce a product that was quickly recognized for its incredible ability to beautify and preserve the finest leather skin. 

With continuous effort and focus on quality and innovation, their products became a must for school lovers in France. With a desire to modernize its range of products and factories, Saphir has managed to keep the brand at the top of its market and achieve global expansion. 


Panther Ella 

Pantherella was founded 1937, and since then has been producing exclusive socks in Leicester, UK. With over 80 years of experience, Pantherella uses exclusive materials such as cashmere and Asian silk to tailor well-stocked socks with high comfort.  

Pantherella started as Midlands Hoisery Mills, an established factory for women's socks. 1937. It was in 1945 that their name and focus was changed to Pantherella Fine English Socks. 

Louis Goldschmidt was the man behind Pantherella with a belief that lightweight, seamless and stylish socks would become experience an increase in popularity. As Goldschmidt started very early, he ensured that competitors began to try to find their innovative designs, Pantherella had already set the standard for the industry and was known for creating the world's finest socks. Today, with a large global market, Pantherella maintains their production in Leicester, England and holds the maintains high standards as Louis did.


Kanaljen --1990

Kanaljen has over 30 years of experience in producing linen products from carefully woven fabrics. The range ranges from Panama hats to linen suits. On Hammargruppen we have cooperated with Kanaljen for a long time, and has the entire assortment in the store. 

Gaardhagen & Kanljen is owned and founded by Lars Gaardhagen 1990. After running a linen textile import in Stockholm, Lars came to a point in his life where he wanted to do something different. Driven by his interest in turn-of-the-century clothing, he designed shirts, pants and suits in linen inspired by early 1900's design and cut. With his connections in the linen garment industry he had access to high quality linen from some of Europe's finest remaining linen weavers. 


After several requests from customers for matching hats for his clothes, Lars started looking for the best manufacturers of panama hats. His search took him through many villages in Ecuador, and gave him many contacts that he still has today. Finally, in a small village on the coast, he found the family that made the best hats, and it became his main suppliers.

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