Crockett & Jones

Since 1991 we have been on Hammargruppen have been wholesalers for and have worked closely with the English shoe manufacturer Crockett & Jones. Crockett & Jones has been producing exclusive, edge-stitched shoes for over 140 years, and is today one of the most reputable British factories today.

Bowhill & Elliott

Bowhill & Elliott has since produced 1874 shoes, and has worked with us since 1991 / 1992. The factory is located in Norwich, UK and focuses on producing slippers. All shoes are made by hand, and rarely have eccentric embroidery on the top.

Sapphire medal d'or

Saphir, which is owned by Breeding, is leather and footwear with its roots in France. Because of their unique recipe for paté de lux, they received a gold medal at the World Fair in Paris during 1925. We have since partnered with Saphir medaille d'or, 2011, and are also convinced that Saphir has among the best leather care products on the market.


Kanaljen has over 30 years of experience in producing linen products from carefully woven fabrics. The range ranges from Panama hats to linen suits. On Hammargruppen we have cooperated with Kanaljen for a long time, and has the entire assortment in the store.

Panther Ella

Pantherella was founded 1937, and since then has been producing exclusive socks in Leicester, UK. With over 80 years of experience, Pantherella uses exclusive materials such as cashmere and Asian silk to tailor well-stocked socks with high comfort.

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