How we work with pre-owned

Each shoe goes through an individual grading process where different aspects are taken into perspective. Each part is assigned a number based on assessed condition where 1 is lowest and 10 is highest. An average is then calculated. The average value is listed under “overall”. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our concept or specific items.

How we grade the condition


10: New

9: New with minor beauty flaws (may mean trying in store)

7-8: Hardly used

6: Easier to use with clear characters

4-5 Use

1-3: Well used


10: New

9: New with smaller marks from storage / testing

7-8: Use a few times outdoors

5-6: Use (for example, stripe wear)

3-4: Well-used (Clear wear on sole and heel)

1-2: In need of re-circulation


10: New

9: New with signs of testing

7-8: Easy to use

5-6: Use

3-4: Clearly shaped after the previous owner

1-2: Elastic insole

Leather Upper

10: New without marks

9: New with smaller marks (eg colour changes)

7-8: Smaller marks and signs of use (May also cause serious defects, eg extreme sun bleaching)

5-6: Clear marks and signs of use

3-4: Scratches, marks and minor colour changes (possibly minor deformation)

1-2: Deformations, tears, possible cracking

What we like: Are the details on the shoe that enhance its appearance, such as a beautiful patina.

To notice: Are things that should be noticed, such as a heel that is in need of replacement.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our pre-owned concept, or for further information on specific items.

Discontinued models

Under the “outgoing models” section, the models that are based on the catalog as well as specimens that have been in the store and hence have been tested / patina are offered at a discounted price. This means that the shoes may have minor beauty flaws, hence all copies are sold in its existing condition. After each release of new product catalogs, the section is updated, but also regularly as needed. Please sign up for our monthly letter, which includes updates on new discounted products, as well as other vital information.

Note that the stock is limited with only a few available in each size.